Animal Jam Play Wild

Mis Pasatiempos Favoritos,

Animal Jam, is a game that i play its really fun for me because there is a lot of cool stuff like, flower crowns, rare spikes, betas and more! Even though I go a little crazy when i want them XD.

My user is mrsfluffypants8, if you want to be a member you have to pay money but its really cool being a member!

You can trade items, for example: I have a spike (not rare) and i want a flower crown, you can see the trade list of the jammers and if someone puts in their trade list a flower crown you click the flower crown and put the items you want to trade for it, the jammer your trading is going to accept or decline.

Thats my animal, you can trade, change your look, go to parties, have buddys, be a member or a non member, buy pets with gems or diamonds oh and i forgot theres a daily spin to win gems or diamonds the diamonds are hard to get if your a non member!

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